FoldingForks made by VETTER

Folding Forks

FoldingForks made by VETTER are essential for lift trucks in road traffic and all-terrain-use.

For participation in public road traffic it is regulated that no danger should arrise to other road users due to protruding forks. By folding up the fork tips. this demand can be easily complied.

Also in all-terrain use, manoeuvrability of the machine is significantly increased by folding the tips up.

In case of transports of lift trucks or construction machinery, FoldingForks offer high savings in space.

Further applications: Narrow spaces and the use of elevators in buildings with several floors.

Superior technique

Engineering and production of FoldingForks is subject to highest demands and absolute accuracy.

The heel area of a fork is generally the section with highest strain. In case of FoldingForks the heal area consists of a pin suspension instead of solid material. For this reason, the heel requires highest advertence.

  • Compliance with all ISO 2330-requirements
  • Dynamical load with 1,000,000 load cycles and 25% overload
  • Static load with triple niminal load
  • "Co-rotating pin suspension to avoid contact corrosion
  • Hardened pin made of special material
  • Optimized connection plates for less strain by the use of finite elements analysis
  • Delivery including complete operating manual and CE sign

FoldingForks: standard edition

Folding forks inner hinge
Folding forks outside hinge
  • "One-pin"-suspension in the heel area for flexible fork blade
  • Two designs
    • Integrated hinge: Width of fork back and fork blade are identical, no protruding connection plates
    • Outside hinge: Connection plates are mounted at the outer side of the fork back. The heel area is broadened. The width of the fork blade can be smaller.

FoldingForks: patented DuoLoc edition

Folding Forks DuoLoc
  • Stable, double pin suspension in the heel area
  • Pin 1 takes over rotary motion during folding process,
    pin 2 locks blade on operating position
  • The fork blade is fixed in operating position

Product benefits DuoLoc FoldingForks

DuoLoc no folding up
DuoLoc carrier tilt
DuoLoc easy mounting

Benefit 1

No unintentional folding of fork blade during lowering of the load.


Benefit 2

Easy application through transfer of carrier tilt to the fork blade


Benefit 3

Easy put down or pick up of fork carrier when working with interchangeable equipment. No overturning!