Fork extensions

Fork extensions by VETTER - solid und efficient

Fork extension
  • Ideal solution for occasionally lifting and transporting loads which are longer then the forks of the lift truck
  • Mounting is made easily and quickly by sliding the fork extension onto the fork
  • They are secured using a bolt which is fixed behind the fork shank

Available designs

Fork extension closed underside
Fork extension open underside

Closed design

  • For transport tasks with load centre outside the basic fork
  • Welded and extra solid box design
  • Closed underside
  • Tip tapered and chamfered

Open design

  • Exclusively for transports with load distribution over the entire length of fork extension
  • Solid welded design
  • Open underside
  • Tip tapered and chamfered

How to select fork extensions

Fork extension 60%
  • The fork extension has to be supported by the fork to minimum 60% of its total length.
  • The rated capacity and load centre of the industrial truck must be guaranteed.
  • The load capacity of the fork extension must be adjusted to the particular fork.

Norms fork extensions

  • Optimized design: ISO 13284 is observed
  • Safety factor 3 according to ISO 2330
  • Delivery including detailed operating instruction and type plate accordign to EC machinery directive (CE mark)

Product benefits fork extensions by VETTER

Benefit 1: Stable and safe positioning

Safe positioning fork extension

Solid welded box design (instead of bent profile)

⇒ Safe and stable positioning onto the fork

Benefit 2: Tight tolerances, noise reduction and optimized overall dimensions

Fork extension tolerances

Individual adaptation to the existing cross-section of the fork

⇒ Tight tolerances, noise reduction and optimized overall dimensions

Benefit 3: Safe, rapid and convenient loading

Fork extension tip

Tip of the extension tapered and chamfered on the sides and on the underside

⇒ Rapid and convenient loading of pallets, a.s.o.

Benefit 4: Maximum strength

Fork extension strength

Made from solid, strong sheet metal. For static reasons, the lateral sheets are extra thick.

⇒ Maximum strength

Benefit 5: No unintentional slipping

Fork extension safety bolt

Standard equipped with locking bolt

⇒ no unintensional slipping

Benefit 6: Easy, quick and engery-saving assembly

Fork extension safety bolt

Removable locking bolt

⇒ Easy, quick and energy-saving assembly

Benefit 7: Always correct mounting

Fork extension mounting

Marking of mounting direction

⇒ Always correct mounting

Benefit 8: Long-term retraceability

Fork extension marking

Permanent marking of each fork extension according to EC Machinery Directive (CE mark)

⇒ Long-term retraceability