Fully-tapered forks

Fully-tapered forks
  • Fully-tapered forks are always used when transporting loads and pallets with small apertures (as for example in the furniture, wood panel and paper industry).
  • They are characterized by a long taper on the lower side of the blade and a small blade thickness. Furthermore, the fork tip is shaped like a knife and often just a few millimeters thick
  • Due to this, capacity is lower than in case of forks with standard taper.
  • For this reason, width of fully-tapered forks is often much higher
  • We kindly calculate the required design for your specific application!
  • Produced out of VETTER special fork steel

Norms fully-tapered forks

  • Production according to ISO 2330:
    • Minimum triple static load without permanent deformation
    • Minimum 1,000,000 stress cylcles with 25 % overload