ManuTel manual TelescopicForks

ManuTel TelescopicForks

Fork and extension in one product - this is ManuTel® by VETTER. Easy! Efficient! Flexible!

  • Efficient application: truck loading / unloading from one side or loading of 2 or 3 pallets at once
  • High safety: Always the right blade length!
  • Solid construction, suitable for all-terrain application
  • Significant time and cost savings compared to common fork extensions
  • Easy application without tools or hydraulics
  • Quick release pin-locking device for easy length adjustment

ManuTel G2 Standard edition

ManuTel G2
  • Ideal for truck loading and unloading from one side
  • Wear-resistant straight manganese steel plate on the lower side of the fork shoe
  • Wide product range: Standard capacity up to 12,600 lbs @ 24“ load center, custom-made capacities on demand

ManuTel SlimLine edition

ManuTel SlimLine
  • Extra-thin blade - thickness only 1.5“
  • Ideal for loads and pallets with small fork pockets
  • Capacity up to 3,600 lbs