PROTECT claddings stainless steel or brass

Forks for hygiene area

In the food or chemical industry, hygiene is of highest priority. Forks with stainless steel cladding are essential for this application! High class workmanship, best material and perfect diligence guarantee an optimum product.

Stainless steel claddings offer an easy to clean, acid-resistance surface to meet highest hygiene requirements and guarantee effective protection against dirt and bacteria.

Durability of cladding is significantly increased by a sheet thickness of
4 mm stainless steel. Smooth edgings guarantee that the transported goods will not be damaged.

Important: The heel area of the basic fork is always accessible to allow the regular statutory crack inspection of forks.

PROTECT claddings brass and stainless steel

Forks stainless steel cladding

PROTECT claddings made of brass or stainless steel are designed as fixed cladding of fork blade and / or fork back. There is no cladding in the inner heel section (1) to allow for inspection of forks.

Materials: Brass (2.0321) or stainless steel (1.4301)

Cladding thickness approx. 4 mm: Total increase of fork section (width and thickness) by approx. 10 mm each.