PROTECT coatings GrippFix and Polyurethane

SoftProtect fork coating
  • Load protection against damages and scratches
  • Slip resistance in dry and even in wet condition
  • Noise reduction, especially when transporting in residential areas
  • Abrasion and cut resistance for optimum use and long lifetime
  • High flexibiilty, available and retrofittable for many different dimensions and applications
  • Short delivery times

Coating materials



  • Optimum slip resistance, also in wet condition
  • Good abrasion resistance: Also available in white colour to avoid markings
  • Coating thickness approx. 8 mm



  • Slip resistance in dry condition
  • Best abrasion resistance
  • Coating thickness approx. 10 mm

Common designs PROTECT coatings

PROTECT fixed coating

Polyurethane and GrippFix
  • Coating of fork blade and / or fork back
  • Permanently fixed to the fork
  • Protection plate at the fork tip
  • Available for a wide range of dimensions and applications

PROTECT Fork shoe / Fork Extension

Fork shoe and fork extension
  • Ideal for a temporary coating of the fork blade, available in 2 versions
    • Fork shoe: Length is limited to the blade length of the fork
    • Fork extension