Bolt-on forks (screw-fastened forks)

Bolt-on forks
  • Mainly used on large lift trucks and attachments as f.ex. multi pallet handlers in beverage industry
  • Drills in the fork back offer mounting with screws
  • As a result of the drill hole and the resulting fatigue notch, the capacity of screw fastened forks is lower than the capacity of standard forks with a comparable cross-section
  • Therefore, borings are optimized by finite elements (stress analysis) on maximum stability
  • Standard design with OptimaForkHeel for up to triple operating lift
  • Produced out of special VETTER fork steel

Norms bolt-on forks

  • Connection measures are not standardized
  • However, a wide range a common designs is already stored in the VETTER database.
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  • Production according to ISO 2330:
    • Minimum triple static load without permanent deformation
    • Minimum 1,000,000 stress cylcles with 25 % overload